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About us

Kuny AG is one of the leading producers of textile ribbons in Europe.

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Our Range

We are producing ribbons for a wide range of applications.

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How wholesale ribbon suppliers power the success of your business

Few items in the marketplace enjoy a steady demand over many years or even decades. Some just aren’t trendy enough anymore after a while, others get replaced by advanced versions of the same kind. Ribbons belong in that rare category. They are in a range of commodities that are timeless in their attractiveness and usability. For you as a merchant, having reliable wholesale ribbon suppliers on hand is essential to meeting the demands of customers and to enjoying success in business.

Wholesale ribbon suppliers expand your offerings with many new ideas

The fact that ribbons have been around for such a long time doesn’t mean that they can’t be something new, too. On the contrary, designers and product developers working for wholesale ribbon suppliers come up with new ideas each season. By that, they not only supply you with the material you need to address emerging trends, but they also give you and your customers the option to create something new all the time. Ribbons find their way into textile products of all kinds and thanks to their versatility, it is easy for you to cope with whatever new fashion may arrive.

Many different styles and colors offered by wholesale ribbon suppliers

People who are new to the business are often surprised to see how many different forms ribbons can assume. Professional manufacturers use many different materials to create ribbons that are a match for all the ideas people have for using them. In the portfolio of the Swiss Kuny AG for example, you will find ribbons made from velvet, polyamide, satin and other materials and they are all available in all colors you could ever imagine as well as in various design options.

Wholesale ribbon suppliers guaranteeing for the quality of their products

They are in floristry, in home decor and in textile goods of all kinds, but the most common usage for ribbons continues to be fashion. And in that field, they often become an integral part of a garment. This is one of the primary reasons why ribbons need to be made of a high quality as clothing manufacturers put their brand image on the line in each of their products. The best wholesale ribbon suppliers will thus adhere to high quality standards and will invite you to check these for yourself.

How wholesale ribbon suppliers open up new business opportunities

Wholesale ribbon suppliers not only help you cater to your customers’ demands. They also supply you with the tools you need to expand your business in the future. If you wonder how that could possibly work, look no further than to Kuny’s RFID ribbons. They can be used in the context of theft protection and goods flow and they are a valuable means to protecting a brand’s identity. With a built-in antenna, these ribbons turn garments into easily accessible extensions of a company’s goods control system.


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