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About us

Kuny AG is one of the leading producers of textile ribbons in Europe.

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Our Range

We are producing ribbons for a wide range of applications.

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Charming buyers with velvet ribbons in wholesale

The soft touch of velvet, that’s the type of fabric that makes creative minds feel inspired to write songs and stories about. From a more clinical viewpoint, velvet is a fabric made from a variety of fibers that is made by weaving two thicknesses of fibers simultaneously and then separating them again. This rather complicated method of production indicates why velvet has usually been considered to be a rich, high-grade fabric, associated with a certain degree of fineness. It also shows why velvet ribbons in wholesale are certain to attract your customers’ attention.

A wide range of varieties for velvet ribbon in wholesale

Markets in general today are significantly better stocked and more affluent than they used to be in previous decades. That makes it increasingly important to distinguish yourself from competition, for example by specializing in certain goods, by offering the greatest selection or the best quality. With velvet ribbons in wholesale, all of that can be easily achieved. Kuny AG, Switzerland’s leading source for ribbons of all kinds, offers you velvet and other ribbons in countless varieties, while guaranteeing that all products are manufactured under the highest quality standards.

Grosgrain, satin and velvet ribbon in wholesale

If you are looking to buy velvet ribbon in wholesale, look no further than to Kuny AG. The Swiss ribbon specialist has been manufacturing ribbons for more than a century and commands state-of-the-art machinery that enables the company to supply you with all quantities of ribbons that you might need. Looking for embossed velvet, stretch velvet or gold edge velvet? Kuny has you covered. The company takes pride in delivering all qualities and colors needed in a short time and also has the means and tools to produce tailor-made ribbons by using various printing techniques.

Velvet ribbon in wholesale that comes with certification

The most reliable way to having success in the market is making a difference and finding a platform to stand on. In the case of Kuny’s velvet ribbons in wholesale, this difference can be found in the relentless dedication to quality. Kuny follows strict quality control protocols that ensure the production of long-lasting, reliable products that consumers put trust in. These quality standards have been certified many times in the history of the company by independent auditors, adding yet another layer of certainty to the ribbons made by this Swiss manufacturer.

Velvet ribbons in wholesale, sustainability included

The odds are pretty good that your customers have already asked you about the ecological impact of this or that product. For several years now, there has been an increased awareness of the sustainability of goods available for purchase and the textile industry in particular has strived to provide buyers with ecologically sensitive solutions. Kuny AG has also set its sights on protecting the climate and has taken up several measures to do so, offering you velvet ribbons in wholesale that have been made with our nature in mind.


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