Art. 22803 Rigid Ribbon OEKO-TEX®

Monofilament ribbon with woven edge, 100% Polyester.
Colour, drying and ironing fast.




Available in 2 colours.


Width: Make-up
7mm: 50m
12mm: 50m


  • easy to work with by hand or machine
  • no breaking
  • longlife


Art. 79002 Endcap for Rigid Ribbon



Available in 1 colour.


Width: Make-up
7mm: Boxes à 200 Stk.
12mm: Boxes à 200 Stk.


  • Simplifies the processing of Rigid Ribbon
  • to sew on
  • no sting on skin

Colour variances to the original ribbon are possible! Please request colour card when needed.