Kuny AG, with its fully integrated production plant in Küttigen (Switzerland) has developed a soft, fexible and smart RFID Label and combined textiles together with electronics, thanks to its core specialities in weaving, deyeing, printing and coating.

The combination of a small transmitter (radio tag) with a textile satin ribbon and an additionally inserted antenna yarn (beag® ID) enables the range to be increased significantly and thus expands the range of applications wherever soft touch is required.

An additional sealing of the transmitter prevents it from being removed through mechanical friction or manipulation and protects it against industrial washing and thermal drying processes.

The RFID label is smooth, soft and extremely comfortable to wear. Due to an additional surface treatment, it can be printed individually with thermal printing and enables to add further information (care labeling, instructions, etc.).

The range depends on the antenna construction, which is constructed, measured and installed by Kuny.

In comparison, commercially available tags with the same range (5-10m) and function are very static due to the rough inlay and therefore limited suitable for textile applications.

The production of the RFID label is variable in its length and can also be used on other materials.

The U Code 9 Tag component is based on ISO 18000-6C, EPC Class1 Gen2, with an operating frequency at 850 – 950 MHz.


Product specification / USP

// Full transparency and monitoring of supply chain
// Increased brand protection
// Inventory management
// Invisible theft protection
// Replaces hangtags, high degree of identification
// Item labeling, recognition and data exchange at distance
// Fully compatible with existing printing and encoding systems
// Suitable for the use of laundry articles


Label Dimension and Technology Options

// 16, 25, 40, 50, 70mm* (* others on request)

// 80 – 150mm un-folded

Ribbon colour
// According to your specifications

Printing options
// Your logo / design including cutting markings
// Excellent surface properties ideal for subsequent sublimation label printing by the client

// Functionality also guaranteed after multiple washing at 95 ° C


RFID (NXP U Code 8 / 9)

850 – 950 MHz

Chip Size
10,5 x 13mm


Digital Identity

// Unique digital ID over the product lifecycle

// Certified quality standards for RAIN RFID/UHF & RFID/UHF/NFC technology

// Seamless process integration for high scalability & mass production

// Resists multiple wash cycles to support post POS projects

// Smallest inlay with less waste of resources; identifiable supply chain with fewer losses

// Unrivaled “touch & feel” in combination of textile and electronics



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