Quality management & Environmental policy


To protect the environment

We do our best to guarantee that our ribbons can be used now and in future.

Please read more on this subject: Environmental policy of Kuny AG


Sustainability – Newlife® Satin

Sustainable ribbon made from 100% recycled yarn.

The Kuny Group have partnered with a leading European yarn supplier to develop a ribbon which is woven with yarns made from 100% used plastic bottles.


Collected via recycling points, the bottles are thoroughly cleaned then broken down into smaller plastic elements before being melted back in to a liquid form then converted into filaments, which are spun to create 100% recycled yarn.

100’000m of 25mm satin uses 12,000 recycled bottles.

That’s 12,000 bottles not going to waste, landfill or damaging the wider environment.

The resulting yarns are certified by GRS which is the Global Recycled Standard and also by Oeko Tex which is the global industry standard for textiles.




We produce environmentally conscious and have high quality requirements.

Kuny Ltd. is certified ISO 9001:2015 and fulfills the specifications of Öko-Tex 100.

This is tested on a regular basis by external specialists.


Swiss Textile Code of Conduct