The first permanent and inherent flame retardant PA 66 hook-and-loop fastener.

>> Our video shows the fired sample test for determination of fiber.

For more functionality

  • Excellent wearing comfort
  • Outstanding functionality
  • Easy processing in combination with aramid webbings
  • Washable without loss of flame retardant effect
  • No sparking of the ignition source
  • No flame extension (protects the porter and keeps the protective clothing intact)
  • No additional danger for the porter in contact with fire
  • No risk of injury due to burning or dripping fibrous particles

Special characteristics

  • No toxic burnt gas deployment (in-cabin room, aircraft)
  • Integrated protection against plagiarism
  • Dyeable according to specifications with integrable IR-spectrum
  • Fulfills the requirements of standards DIN 3415 and Öko-Tex Standard 100
  • Protective clothing against heat and flames as per ISO 11612:2015, Limited flame extension as per DIN EN ISO 15025:2003-02, Procedure B

Ideally suited for protective clothing

  • Field-tested for quick adaptability and fixation of body protectors (bullet proof vest) for Army and Police
  • Equipment for fighter pilots
  • Easy adjustable system with high adhesive properties
  • Fast fixing systems for fire brigade equipment

Transport and Aviation

  • In-cabin room on aircrafts (fastening of carpets, pillows, upholstery)
  • Assembling aid for light planes, rail vehicles, helicopters, boats, a.s.o.
  • FAR 25.853 (a), Appendix F, Part I (a) (1), Amdt. 25/116
  • CS 25.853 (a), Appendix F, Part I (a) (1), Amdt. 25/15
  • Smoke emission + toxicity according to ABD 0031


  • Protective clothing Fire Brigade
  • Protective clothing Police
  • Bulletproof vest