Hakofix® Products in a new dimension

Kuny AG, with its production plant in Küttigen (Switzerland), has continued to further develope the Hook and Loop fastener over the last 50 years. Thanks to the fully integrated process and core specialities in weaving, dyeing printing and coating means that Kuny are one of the first who can offer camouflage printing on Hook and Loop fastener.

  • For the first time, ribbons with a functional surface can be printed contactless, without loosing the touch and handle
  • In addition to its original functionality, Hakofix® Camouflage can be printed with camouflage patterns and secures the objects to be protected during day and night
  • The Hakofix® Camouflage is ideally suited for extreme outdoor use due to its resistance to weathering and repeated hot-washing as well as excellent physical properties
  • Digital printing with its unlimitted repeat length and enormous variety of colors, sets new standards in the design of multi-camouflage patterns
  • Individual camouflage patterns can be precisely set using color coordinates and the IR spectrum
  • Hakofix® camouflage opens up new possibilities and expands the area of application


HAKOFIX® Camouflage
Art. 69040 Hook + 69041 Loop

  • meets the standard DIN 3415
  • Camouflage-Print / Dessins (according to requirements)
  • Color setting according to LAB values and IR spectrum


  • fully synthetic (Polyamid)
  • widths with woven edges
    (16mm, 20mm, 25mm, 30mm, 38mm, 50mm, 100mm)
  • unlimited number of openings / closings therefore
  • qualified for military clothing, equipments, ballistic protection vest
  • weatherproof (temperature -30 °C to 150 °C)
  • multiple hot wash resistant 95°C, SN-EN ISO-CO6 (E2S)
    with excellent functionality