Hook and Loop Fastener

Our Fastening Systems fulfil highest quality requirements.
We are at your disposal for the right choice in your application.


Hakofix® – Fastening System

  • fully synthetic
  • high performance fastener
  • with woven edges
  • weatherproof
  • virtually unlimited number of openings/closings therefore qualified for clothing, shoes and numerous industrial applications


Fixvelours® – Fastening System

  • fully synthetic
  • all round fastener at economical price
  • wide applications in industry, domestic uses, upholstery, interior decoration


Information about adhesives

Self-Adhesive Double Sided Tape

  • Pressure sensitive, high tack glue.
  • Resisting against light and ageing,
  • Good resistance against plasticizers.
  • For metals, uneven or painted surfaces.
  • Temperatures from -20°C up to +70°C.
  • Carefully clean surfaces before applying!

Hot-Melt Glue

  • Pressure sensitive hot-melt glue.
  • Temperatures up to +40°C.
  • Carefully clean surfaces before applying!